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Curtain e-locker – a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention system

In everyday operations, users have access to and work on sensitive files.  However, it is difficult for companies to control how the users use the files.  Once users have access rights to a piece of electronic information, in a sense they “own” the information and as such, they can easily mis-use the information or “leak” the information via different channels (e.g. email, Internet, USB disk, etc).  It is difficult for companies to fully control the use of such information. There are many ways by which a user can leak a file.

Curtain e-locker – a DLP – Data Loss Prevention solution, which effectively prevents unauthorized leakage/usage of protected confidential information by any outgoing channels. By using Curtain e-locker, companies can allow authorized users to gain access to confidential files and information. At the same time, the company can also control NOT to allow the users to take the files/information out of the company at their own discretion, like during normal course of daily operations.


Curtain MonGuard – a handy tool to display Screen-watermark

In everyday operations, users have access to and work on sensitive files. However, it is difficult for companies to prevent users taking photo/video against computer’s screen by using mobile phone when accessing sensitive information (e.g. personal information, CCTV footage and other sensitive data). Due to COVID-19, more and more people work from home. Companies have to allow users to download data to notebook and access the data at home or allow them to connect to company’s network through VPN. It increases the difficulty of preventing data leak through screen.

Online meeting is another security challenge. When people need to show something to meeting participants (e.g. contracts, designs and even training materials) during online meeting, how to protect the information shown to participants? Although we cannot prevent people to take photo/video against computer’s screen, at least we should be able to trace the source of data leakage.

Curtain MonGuard allows administrators to display watermark on screen in user’s computers. Since this screen watermark can show user information (e.g. computer name, username and IP address), it effectively gets user’s attention before they capture screen and share the information with other people.



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Objective All-round Data Loss Prevention Solution Prevent data leak through computer’s screen Prevent data leak through computer’s screen
Control unauthorized saving / printing / sending file out  √
Control unauthorized Print Screen / Copy-n-paste  √
On-screen watermark  √  √  √
Self-defined content of screen-watermark  √  √  √

– Static message

 √  √  √

– Date/Time

 √  √  √

– Computer name

 √  √  √

– Username

 √  √

– IP address

Full screen-watermark
Application screen-watermark
Screen-watermark by condition
Integration with Active Directory
Password management
Uninstall password for client
Self protection for the software
Central administration
Curtain Admin delegation
Online/Offline Protection
Secure generation of PDF file
Secure internal file sharing
Housekeeping of downloaded files
File / Print log
Watermark for printout
Snapshot for printout
Approval for sending file out
Copy-out with declaration
Local encrypted drive
Technical support
Software updates

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